The Witches Ball – Pacific Northwest is intended to be an evening for grownups to enjoy the lavish and fun side of Halloween. Enter an environment that is beautifully decorated in a style of Gothic elegance… Enjoy a sumptuous buffet of both savory and sweet dishes… Shop the Witches Bazaar for exquisite jewelry, art, apparel and accessories… Behold the stunning Belly Dance and Burlesque performances… Partake of a Tarot or Rune Reading…  Get your dance on to our live band, and do it all while showing off your dazzling costume and enjoying those of your fellow revelers!

The Producers of the event, Jay & Jadzia DeForest, have a lot of experience producing events of different sizes and types. From the annual Northwest Tarot Symposium to various types of public rituals, educational workshops and other gatherings, they have learned how to create events that are well planned and flow very smoothly. With the emphasis on excellence and “quality over quantity”, their goal is to create experiences that are even better than people are expecting.

The Witches Ball is primarily a Halloween Party to kick off the season. Because for many people, Halloween is linked to Samhain, or Dia de los Muertos, a season for remembering our departed loved ones, there will be a Remembrance Altar at the Ball. Guests are welcome to bring small token items representing their own loved ones to place on the altar. The items may be removed after the event and taken home, or left and they will be returned to the Earth in a spirit of respect and reverence.

The Monarch Hotel venue is one that the producers have worked with for several years. The hotel facilities and staff have always been very well suited to our needs. It is a moderately upscale environment with nice guest rooms, a fine quality restaurant and a good location. There is ample free parking and the entire facility is smoke free for everyone’s health and comfort.