Costuming Guidelines

As you probably have gathered by now, this is a COSTUME REQUIRED event. But, that can mean different things to different people, and not all of those are what we consider appropriate for the Witches Ball. This year’s theme is Good Witches and Bad Witches.


So, to start with, what IS considered acceptable?

No, all costumes do not have to be specifically a “witch”.  Other sorts of elegant Halloween themes are also acceptable. Wizards, Vampires, Dragons, Medusas, Sexy Tempters, Dark Lords & Ladies are all welcome. There are a variety of photos below to help you get ideas.

What we are not really looking for are the “haunted house” types of costumes such as Zombies, Bloody Gore, Freddie Kruegers, Chainsaw Killers, Mummies, Clowns, etc. We are also not looking for “rummaged” costumes from thrift stores, for Hobos, Pajama Party Massacre victims, etc.

What we hope to see is  a ballroom full of exquisitely unique costumes that inspire awe and delight. So, pull out your creative genius and get to work!


There are a few limits we need to keep to…

Size: While 7 foot dragon wings may be impressive, they might be a bit of a problem in a crowded ballroom.  Please limit the extension of your costume to no more than 16″ from your body in any direction. That includes wings, wands, trains, etc.


Skin: We encourage and appreciate sexy and revealing costumes for those who are so inclined. Showing some skin is fine. Sheer fabrics are also acceptable. Please just make sure to keep the lower bits covered sufficiently, and when moving through the hotel outside of the Witches Ball area, or in the courtyard, please wear a cover item if your costume is very revealing.


Safety: Please be careful of flammable clothing or things that are long enough to cause a trip hazard or get caught on doors, stair railings, etc. Any bladed or pointed accessories need to have a safe edge/tip to them. We want everyone to go home in at least as good of shape as they arrived in!

Lastly… The hotel restrictions prohibit any use of open flame, confetti (no sprinkling magic dust, etc.) or “silly string” types of substance.


So, let’s see what you’ve got!  The Costume contest categories are:

Scary Witch ~ Think E-VIL, Scary, Turn-you-into-a-dung-beetle….

Sexy Witch  ~ Slinky, Burly, Naughty, Set-your-juices-flowing… This IS an adult party!

Nice Witch ~ Happy, Playful, Colorful, you know all those sorts of things!

Best Couple ~ Share the spotlight with your partner… Dazzle us with your creativity!

Most Elaborate ~ The sky’s the limit, you’ve got a few weeks to plan!

Take a look at previous years costumes here.


Contestants may select ONE category to compete in. An individual may select ONE category (Scary, Sexy, Nice, or Elaborate) plus the Best Couple category if applicable. There will be two prize per category, first place and second place, awarded based on audience response. 1st place prizes will be worth $50 or more, and 2nd place prizes worth $25 or more. Below are some images from the web for inspiration. (One place online to find some amazing costumes, including some from the photos below is Bohemian Elegance)