Entertainment 2017

We are very happy to announce that our band for this year’s Witches Ball will be Beltaine… One of our favorite Portland area performing groups.

Beltaine showcases the best of acoustic Celtic Fusion in their music. Brian, Jamie, John, Judas, and Ryan bring years of experience in ethnic, folk, rock and jazz music to their interpretations of traditional and original tunes. Their new compositions and a unique collection of traditional music bring together the best of old and new.

If you’ve never heard Beltaine, you are in for quite a treat! This group plays Celtic music with a sound that is unique. The original tunes will have you up and dancing. You will hear some favorite songs, and some that will become your new favorites.

Beltaine performs throughout the Northwest at many events including; The Highland Stillhouse, Kell’s Portland, the Portland Highland Games, The Bite of Oregon, Portland Rose Festival, Newport Celtic Music Festival, Galway Bay Celtic Music Festival, and many other local venues.

Gwen – Belly Dance

Gwen has been belly dancing off and on for a number of years and performing intermittently. Her style is eclectic, drawing from the many instructors she has studied with and an array of wide-flung influences. She tries to take every opportunity that allows her to dress up and never misses a chance to participate in seasonal shenanigans (any season will do, but autumn is her favorite because it is – of course – the best season).

Rummy Rose – Burlesque

Growing up with a dance background but wanting to branch out from classic productions, this blue-haired wild child became a member of the worlds only Punk Rock Can-Can troupe, The Can-Cannibals, when she was 19. They were known for putting on underground Punk Rock Cabarets in Oakland, CA and her involvement with the troupe is what avalanched her into Burlesque in 2010. After relocating to Portland and continuing to dive into the Burlesque community, Rummy has been known for her dark lady style and wicked sense of humor. She is a core member of productions such as Sign of the Beast Burlesque, Black Lodge Burlesque, Pee Wee’s Burlesque house and has traveled across the country to perform in New Orleans, Hawaii, Seattle and San Francisco.

Along with being a trained dancer, Rummy is also well versed in costuming, prop making and headpieces. She has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2005 and always brings killer hair and make up to the stage and photo shoots. While incorporating elements of classic burlesque, Rummy has continued to use her performance art, dance background, hair, make up and costuming skills to express her love of punk, metal, rock and roll and pretty much everything dark, “weird” and unconventional.

Find more information about Rummy Rose on Facebook

Bevin Victoria – Belly Dance

Bevin Victoria
Bevin Victoria is a well known figure in the Portland Belly Dance community. She has trained with, and shared the stage with nearly all of the star performers on the west coast. Her unique look and exquisite dance style make her performances a delight to watch.

In addition to dancing, Bevin is also a Personal Fitness Trainer at Hyatt Fitness in Portland.

Hai Fleisch – Burlesque

Hai Fleisch
Hai Fleisch has over a decade of burlesque under her shimmy belt. As one of Portland’s Pioneering Peelers, she’s helped build the local burlesque scene since she arrived from San Francisco in 2008, and formed “Rose City Shimmy”.   A costumer by trade she is known to bring a Ziegfeld-esque flair to even her most bizarre and humorous acts. Her tastes tends towards the darkly elegant, but often with a bent sense of humor.
She Co-Produces Black Lodge Burlesque: A Cabaret inspired by the Works of David Lynch (where she also plays Laura Palmer), Twin Peaks Dance Party PDX and Sign of the Beast Burlesque: Metalesque, this November 16-18th, also featuring Rummy Rose!

Metalesque:  www.SignOTtheBeastBurlesque.com    www.facebook.com/signofthebeastpdx/
Black Lodge Burlesque: www.BlackLodgeBurlesque.com    www.facebook.com/BlackLodgeBurlesque/.