Witches Ball Etiquette

It is our sincere desire that everyone associated with the Witches Ball, including our guests, the performers, vendors,  and hotel staff, have an absolutely wonderful and enjoyable time at this event. To ensure that is the case, here are a few guidelines that we will be expecting everyone to observe.

  1. Dress Code This is a costume event. That means no regular “street clothes” will be permitted, excepting for hotel staff. Jeans, T-shirts or even upscale business/clubbing attire are not the order of the day. For suggestions on what is appropriate, please see the Costume Guidelines here.
  2. Respectful Boundaries  Since it is likely that some of the costumes people choose to wear may be a little revealing or risque, it is important that people act appropriately. Looking and offering appreciative compliments is acceptable. Staring or making crude comments is not. Sometimes, even compliments, when too lavishly offered, can stop being acceptable.  Regardless of what someone is wearing, or how appealing you may find them, please be courteous, and don’t crowd people. We would hate to be forced to have the Dragons escort you out for being creepy in a not good way.
  3. Consume in Moderation This is an elegant event in a very nice venue.  There will be a bar. Please know your limit and stop somewhere short of it. Stepping over unpleasant messes on the floor or seeing people passed out or staggering around being obnoxious is not fun for anyone.  Please don’t be one of “those people” at our event. And, if you do plan to enjoy the libations available during the evening, please consider taking advantage of the discounted room rates the hotel is offering; The Sunday Brunch is quite extraordinary! (Advance room reservations are required.)
  4. Mind Your Hands  Many people will have elaborate costumes for this event. Please be respectful and do not touch anyone’s outfit or wardrobe accessories without asking permission. The same is true for the decorations around the event. Many of our decorations are easily damaged, so please, look but don’t touch
  5. Respect the Performers We are pleased to have a range of talented individuals offering Witches Ball special performances of Belly Dance and Burlesque Acts. We expect everyone to treat them courteously and with the utmost respect. They are NOT “strippers” and any rude or disrespectful behaviors, whether on or off stage will be cause for immediate dismissal from the event.
  6. No Politics  Even though people have some very strong feelings about issues currently, we ask that for one evening, we ALL give it a rest. Enjoy the music, raffles, costumes, performers, food, decor and each other’s scintillating company, but leave the political discussion for another time and place.


Generally speaking, just use common sense and the sort of good manners that your slightly naughty Granny would approve of and we’ll all have a good time. Okay, so some people’s Grannies may have been foul-mouthed, whisky slugging, bar-brawling old bats, but those aren’t the ones we mean!  Just come and play nice… And remember, if you are asked to leave for any reason, there are no refunds!