The Remembrance Altar


The Witches Ball is primarily a Halloween Party to kick off the season. Because for many people, Halloween is linked to Samhain, or Dia de los Muertos, a season for remembering our departed loved ones, there will be a Remembrance Altar at the Ball. Guests are welcome to bring small token items representing their own loved ones to place on the altar.
If you would like to bring an item for the altar, please keep it on the small side. A small photo or item of 2-3″ in size is fine. Please be careful of leaving items of high value on the altar as it will be open to all for the entire event, and we cannot be responsible for loss of any items.

At some point during the evening, we will take a moment to honor the memory of those people hold dear. This will not be an elaborate ritual, but a brief pause in the festivities to acknowledge our lost loved ones and ancestors.

At the end of the evening, or whenever you are ready to leave, you are welcome to retrieve your item from the altar to take with you. Or, if you wish,  items may be left and they will be returned to the Earth in a spirit of respect and reverence.